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Kittens… Kittens… Kittens…
Why we need your help!

Kitten season is almost here. This season typically runs from early spring to late fall… 
That’s a lot of kittens!
It is called Kitten Season because it is the time of the year when shelters become overwhelmed of unwanted cats and kittens. Many toss the kittens and their mother out to fend for themselves, when often leads to the shelters receiving calls to pick them up. Please see the following five ways you can help the shelter and your community during kitten season.
Five Ways You Can Help
1. Spay or neuter your cats. Cats can become pregnant as young as five months. Fortunately, kittens can be spayed or neutered at two months (with a weight requirement) safely.
2. Help your local animal shelter during kitten season (and all year). Many shelters are non-profit and run strictly on the donations from the public sector. For many shelters, doantions can include supplies, funds, or volunteer time. See our ‘Donate’ tab to see how you can help us.
3. Care for homeless or feral (not tame) cats in your community. Work with your local animal control to help manage your communities feral and stray populations. This will include a trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) Program with Ear Tipping.
4. Become  a Foster Care Parent. Contact your local shelter to become a foster care parent during kitten season. Our shelter is in need of foster homes all year round. Please inquire by contacting
5. Adopt a cat. Open your home to a rescue. Give your current pets a playmate! Click on our ‘Adopt Us’ tab to find your next ‘fur’ever friend. Save a life! Adopt!
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